My story

I was once like this in Bratislava on a business trip and I had the task of staying somewhere in a hotel. And I did too. I chose the best and perhaps the most luxurious hotel in the area with a jacuzzi, wellness and sauna, and I was already looking forward to enjoying my stay there. At that time, I was alone and had no girlfriend and it bothered me quite a bit. After all, I was already in my thirties and I wanted to start a family, but I hadn`t yet met the right one who wanted the same thing. Alas, or God? I really don`t know. I mainly wanted to get all the negative thoughts out of my head, at least for a while, and put the positive ones there, which I`ve been lacking lately. And so, I did.


The next morning, I learned that the hotel offers the so-called erotic massage Bratislava. I thought why not give it a try. I have enough money and it can be a very pleasant experience for me. And if I didn`t like it, I told myself that I would simply leave and that would be it. I was anxiously waiting for the erotic massage that was to take place downstairs. I was attracted by the sight of something new – but by the way, I also like to try new things, so it was more of a challenge for me that I wanted to overcome.


When I came for the massage, I immediately saw a beautiful masseuse dressed in an erotic dress with beautiful breasts, and I immediately felt excitement all over my body, including my pants. She greeted me with a smile and told me to lie down and that we would start the massage. The massage was so amazingly pleasant that I didn`t even burp. I just watched as the masseuse massaged my entire body from head to toe and she seemed to be enjoying it. And since I had an extra charge for an erotic massage with something more, I tried to touch the masseuse too, we started kissing, caressing and guess how it ended.. sex.

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